The Peaceful Season

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Tamaracks in Winter

Late season grouse hunting is different. No more jockeying on the drive up with the big rigs trailering ATV’s. No more seeing a truck at every forest road parking spot. No more blaze orange army deer hunting in the Northwoods. It’s just quiet, that snow-muffled silence. All I hear are my boots crunching in the snow, and the tinkle of the dog’s tags.

Not Done Yet


Gray and Brown fans

Birds are scarce, but not gone. I watched one of these birds from my deer stand a few weeks ago. Still there when Levi rousted him up. These birds hadn’t been hunted this year, they flushed up toward the trees to get away from the dog. Disregarded me at their peril. I enter winter with a full freezer of venison, woodcock and ruffed grouse. Not bad.
Season’s Greetings everyone!

By Joel Schnell

Posted December 15, 2017.

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