Start with a Foundation for Building a Camp

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When building my own hunting cabin, I wanted a low maintenance structure, and one that can be built on a site off the grid. We’ve all been in the hunting shack with the tilted floors and crooked door frames like the fun house at the fair. I didn’t want to spend my free time up North always fixing things.

Start with the foundation

In my case, bringing in a cement truck for pouring a foundation wasn’t an option. So after consulting with a carpenter (do your own research prior to any project like this), we came up with piers using concrete post forms and treated posts. Holes were dug well below the piers and filled with compacted gravel and sand. A crawl space was allowed so we could adjust any of the piers if they moved or sunk, and we added more piers after these photos were taken.

The plans

The first two years, we used a canvas wall tent on the site. We had trails and deer stands to build too. Later, we beefed up the platform and started framing up walls. We chose a 16×20’ structure with steel roofing. Part of our plans came from blueprints we bought for a two car garage. Other tips came from some of the DIY books I photographed. A good generator was essential, and a utility trailer to haul the materials. We also had a cordless framing nailer, great for passing back and forth the crew, especially when working on ladders.


In part III we’ll frame up the cabin.

by Joel Schnell

Posted June 20, 2018.

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