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They give 100 percent, our bird dogs. Levi doesn’t have a half-effort in him, especially when it comes to chasing the training dummy. Last week he overshot the dummy and hit a fence beyond in making the turn back. Chipped a bone in his wrist, so he’ll be out for a month. That puts a damper on my early season, without my little buddy sharing in the hunt. He’s a tough little guy, still wags that tail and begs for treats.

Oh, I’ll get out there anyway this weekend, but mostly scouting some new areas I have my eye on. I’ll save the good stuff for the first weekend in October, when my little buddy is back at my side.

Trail cam in infra red mode

Meanwhile there’s camp chores to do, like checking the game cameras for this nice buck roaming around. I’ve got some firewood to stack and split, and level a couple of the piers the cabin sits on.

Levi from early last season, wet, muddy and full of pickers just the way he likes it. In a few weeks he’ll be back at ’em

Time will fly soon enough, and Levi will be back in the thick stuff sniffing out the birds. My gear kit is prepped and ready to go this season. Ruffed grouse season is 2 days away and can’t come soon enough.

By Joel Schnell

Posted September 13, 2018.

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