Maker Projects for the Off-Season

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Maggie’s Trail sign

Celebrating a Fine Bird Dog

I’ve come up with a couple projects to keep the spirits up during the long, cold, winter. Simple workshop tasks easy to do to keep the grouse hunter occupied at home.
The first is a custom sign. To celebrate the life of a bird dog gone by, I made this sign to dedicate a trail to her. Made from reclaimed cedar deck wood, I stained it barn red. I ordered a couple decals from ebay. One is a custom message, the other a graphic of a brittany. I then coated the whole sign in marine spar varnish. I’ll find a tree to hang it from on a favorite trail on my land. It will bring a smile, remembering all the great hunts we’ve had together. And she’ll still be with me every time I see her sign.

Poly Keepsake Bar Top

I’ve seen this idea at resorts visited from the snowmobile trail. As a bar top or workshop bench top, it’s a neat way to preserve your grouse hunting treasures. Start with a thick board for your bar, then drill some holes with a spade bit and chisel it out (better yet use a router). Place a keepsake in the cavity, then coat the bar in polyurethane, epoxy or some other coating made for the purpose.

What kind of things can be preserved for the grouse hunter?

  • Grouse tail feathers
  • pocketknife
  • compass
  • lanyard
  • whistle
  • spent shell casings
  • leaves, acorns, birch bark, twigs
  • bottle cap from your favorite after-hunt beverage
  • Button and a scrap of fabric from a old flannel shirt
  • Patches
  • Pictures

With a little imagination all sorts of neat ideas come up to preserve. If anyone else has done this, I’d love to see your pictures on facebook!

By Joel Schnell

Posted February 15, 2018.

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