Late Season Silence

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by Joel Schnell
January 3, 2016

Late season for ruffed grouse in Minnesota is an enchanted time. Gone is the riot of color of fall leaves. All that is left is a blanket of clean snow, the rustling of the cold North wind, and the tinkle of a creek fighting to keep open water.

Silence in the alder swamp

Peaceful Time

It’s a time to reflect, crusty snow crunching underfoot as I make my round trip. A tinkle of the bell reminds me to keep an eye on the dog. Ruffed grouse never give their lives easily, at any time of year.

Sunset on the marsh


Color of the Season

The marshes still hold their hues of brown, seldom does snow entirely cover them. A line of sunlight graces the treetops just before dark.

By the fire

Soaking up the heat from the fire

At the end of the day, my dogs roast by the fire. It’s another kind of silence, one that comes from heat off a cast iron stove. No fans or thermostats on this country hearth. We’ll take it all in, enjoying the end of another day of late season grouse hunting. After today, it ends for awhile. Next fall, we’ll be ready for it to start again.

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