Gearing Up for the Fall Hunt

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We have four glorious months of grouse hunting in Minnesota, which leaves eight months to prep. Dog training, skeet shooting, scouting and last but not least, shopping for gear. Now’s the time to start gearing up.

A Hunt of a Different Sort

In March I was busy clearing trails on my land in temperatures much like late fall grouse hunting. I wore my usual layers of clothing, removing outer layers as I warmed up and started to sweat. Then after cooling down, I’d put those outer layers back on.
I thought there might be a better way. I went with a classic combination of breathable wool shirt, with performance long-sleeve T underneath. And suspenders, great when wearing heavy brush pants or a vest. I wear an orange safety vest when hunting so I didn’t need to look for blaze clothing.

Where to go for what to Wear

I figured the wool combination would be perfect for grouse hunting, as well as chores around camp. I looked for vintage clothing as I’ll be wearing it in the brush. I’d likely be putting in a few holes or pulling a thread loose here and there. I got three wool outer shirts on ebay for $15-20 each including shipping. It took a little time, I bookmarked a search and checked it every day. Many of the vintage clothing sellers are good about pointing out flaws in clothing, and respond to requests on extra measurements. I got new clip-on suspenders for $5 also. The long sleeve T’s came from my local thrift store or off the clearance rack for about $7 each. And a new upland strap vest came from clearance online at Duluth Trading Co. about $35 with free shipping to my nearest store.

Now all we need is beautful fall gunning days perfect for wearing wool. It will come around soon enough.

By Joel Schnell

Posted June 28, 2017.

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