Gearing Up for Ruffed Grouse 2015

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Gearing Up


By Joel Schnell September 11, 2015

Are you ready?
Time to get it all together, September 19 is the Minnesota opener for ruffed grouse. Check the stock of shells, and charge up the e-collar. Oil the boots and clean the gun. Dig out those gloves and orange hat. Sharpen the pocket knife and rinse out the water bottle. Where’s that favorite warm weather shirt of mine?

What’s in the Picture

Base layer: athletic tee, henley or zip mock turtleneck.
Outer layer: nylon faced jeans, suspenders, light long sleeve cotton shirt. Orange hat and deerskin gloves.
Footwear: poly sock liners, wool blend socks, leather and canvas boots.
Vest: half-vest for warm weather.
Tools: shotgun, shells, pocket knife, e-collar on compass lanyard with whistle. Water bladder.
Tech: phone with camera and gps apps.

A few other things not shown include fleece vest in cool weather and orange safety vest when hunting in a group. I’m geared up for grouse season. Are you?

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