A Snow Tour of the North Shore

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I have a new favorite ride. It’s called the George’s Gorge trail between Silver Bay and Finland, Minnesota. It takes you from near the shores of Lake Superior up to the top of the Sawtooth Mountain ridge high above the lake. It follows a winding gorge near a stream flowing to the greatest of the ...

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Grouse Hunter’s Tech: Mobile GPS Apps

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By Joel Schnell March 18, 2016 A quiet revolution in upland hunting occurred a few years ago. Everything about how the roving ruffed grouse hunter approaches finding new covers has changed for the better. Mobile GPS apps have changed the game. What’s New in Phone GPS? What’s changed a few years ago is the Global ...

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Ruffed Grouse Country Snowmobiling

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By Joel Schnell January 21, 2016 Winter in ruffed grouse country is a quiet study of beauty and survival. Under a pristine blanket of snow the ruffed grouse roosts, warm in his cocoon until it’s time to feed again. Now is the time to see the Northern Boreal ForestĀ on a landscape level, without the leaves ...

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A Minnesota Original, the Snowmobile

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by Joel Schnell Released March 2, 2015 Getting around ruffed grouse country in winter is a challenge. The birth of the practical, production snowmobile right here in Minnesota was brought on by a need of hunters, ice fisherman, loggers and other outdoorsmen to travel the snows. That history is celebrated by vintage snowmobile shows around ...

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