Grouse Hunting Where the Dam Breaks

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It didn’t look like much from the gate. Just a logging road into a recent clearcut. But looking at an aerial photo, I could see a beaver pond to the left, and a 10 year old aspen cut beyond that. We followed the trail, and got a glimpse of a mud flat where the beaver ...

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A Fall of Woodcock

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Every bird season is a little different, you may notice with enough of them under your belt. For me, this has been the season of the early season woodcock. I welcome their grand migration down from Canada each fall, usually in mid-October. This year I’m finding thickets lousy with them in the young aspen. But these are some ...

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Mission: Ruffed Grouse Season Opener 2016

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  It all begins tomorrow, the glorious 3 months of ruffed grouse hunting in Minnesota. It’s what the dogs and I have been waiting for, and training for. We have a front row seat to the amazing drama of seasons changing before our eyes. My dogs know the visceral feel of the hunt, that we ...

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Alder and the Ruffed Grouse

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Where I find Alder, I find ruffed grouse and woodcock. It’s just that simple. Also known as tag alder, Speckled Alder (Alnus incana ssp.rugosa) often rings wetlands and shallow ponds. Grouse love ’em, and I am always on the lookout for them during woodcock season too. Shrubbery Like Few Others At up to 20 feet tall, it’s good ...

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A Wealth of Old Logging Roads

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Awfully nice of them, to leave us grouse hunters with a fine network of trails in our public forests. Magnets for ruffed grouse, and fine shooting on woodcock, they give us an all-access pass into the Minnesota Northwoods. Actually just the remainders of logging operations, and not the work of a hunting Good Samaritan, but I ...

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