Maker Projects for the Off-Season

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Celebrating a Fine Bird Dog I’ve come up with a couple projects to keep the spirits up during the long, cold, winter. Simple workshop tasks easy to do to keep the grouse hunter occupied at home. The first is a custom sign. To celebrate the life of a bird dog gone by, I made this ...

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Saying Goodbye to Another Season

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Time to hang it up, another ruffed grouse closed in Minnesota. It’s been glorious, satisfying, maddening, frustrating all wrapped up into one. It left me wanting more, as it does every year. One for the Books It started with great promise of high bird numbers, but reality proved to be just an average year. As ...

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The Peaceful Season

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Late season grouse hunting is different. No more jockeying on the drive up with the big rigs trailering ATV’s. No more seeing a truck at every forest road parking spot. No more blaze orange army deer hunting in the Northwoods. It’s just quiet, that snow-muffled silence. All I hear are my boots crunching in the ...

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Tales From Grouse Camp

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  Four days off in October grouse camp sounds like heaven for me. Good friends, dogs, food, and traveling the grouse covers of Minnesota in the best time of the year. This year’s camp was soggy wet hunting and few ruffed grouse flushed. But the woodcock populations are just fine and allowed some gunning. Gear, ...

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