New Additions to Grouse Camp

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  By Joel Schnell May 7, 2015 Picking up some firewood two weeks ago I did a double-take; is that a ruffed grouse sitting in front of me? Sure enough, a hen was on the nest, 10 eggs waiting to hatch. Not much brush around I noted, but another draw- an anthill yards away. Ready ...

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A Crawfish Boil in Minnesota

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By Joel Schnell May 17, 2015 What’s a crawfish boil got to do with Minnesota’s sporting life? Think about the timing of smelt netting, sucker runs, panfish on beds, fish fry. Morels, wild asparagus, blueberries ready for picking. Ask a Minnesota grouse hunter when and where these seasonal harvests happen, and he may likely know- ...

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Grouse Hunter’s Tech: Boots

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By Joel Schnell May 7, 2015 Nothing beats a good, worn-in pair of boots for grouse hunting. With miles to go before our hunt is over, my dogs are going to be tired. It’s a wet, rocky, muddy route to find old Mister Ruff so you need to take care of your feet. Your boots ...

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Planting Highbush Cranberry for Grouse

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By Joel Schnell April 13, 2015 If there’s one consistent magnet for ruffed grouse in my covers, it’s high bush cranberry, (Viburnum trilobum). Not related to the cranberry people eat, but a bush that generates fruit all manner of birds love, even into winter. I’ve found a few natural groves of high bush cranberry, and ...

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Grouse Hunter’s Tech: The Over and Under

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by Joel Schnell One of the great things about grouse hunting is you can participate with just about any old shotgun. Whether grandpa’s old duck gun, or single shot Savage, or Mossberg with the bolt action, it will do the job. But if there’s one gun I see in the grouse woods more than most, ...

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