Banging the Drum

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By Joel Schnell for The 2019 drumming counts are in, with little fanfare. No press release this year, just a lousy tweet, announcing their release July 2. The upshot? It’s about the same as last year. For decades now, volunteers have been driving routes to record ruffed grouse populations. They stop the car at ...

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A Scourge of Rabbits

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By Joel Schnell for Ruffed Grouse Minnesota. Conservation Hurts. I mean, being a land steward involves getting a bit sweaty, dirty, buggy, wood-ticky and all. The first few trees you plant, you say “Boy this is gonna be great! I wish I would’a planted 50 trees every year!” But after digging through the clay, rocks ...

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Favorites from the Trail Cam 2018

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By Joel Schnell for Ruffed Grouse Minnesota One of my favorite rituals is checking the trail camera pictures. Surprises are welcome in this case. Seeing the year-round residents of my properties carrying on when I’m away is a window into their lives. And like guests at a big party, you never know who’s going to ...

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An Epic Winter

By Joel Schnell for Excellent snow, excellent trails. This year is the best touring of the grouse woods in winter in ages. Those black spruce swamps, so impenetrable in fall are now our highways. It’s an excellent way to travel the grouse woods. Here’s a few photos from the trail. By Joel Schnell Posted ...

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The Silent Season

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By Joel Schnell for A fresh foot of snow covers the Northwoods. One last ruffed grouse hunt for the season means donning the Sorels and enjoying a landscape like none other. After 20 minutes of trudging in a foot of snow, I was beginning to think I’d have to step on one to get ...

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