Are You Ready to Play Ball?

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springer spaniel hunting dog
Levi’s ready to play ball, are you?


The Season’s soon upon us. Are you ready? The bird counts are up, the weather’s cooler, an occasional leaf falls to the ground. September 16 is Day One of the finest season in the world.

blaze orange hat
This year’s at bat

Hats of many colors

Every season i get a new blaze orange hat. It’s the most visible part of my attire in the grouse woods. Last year’s is dirty, sweat-stained, and faded. And sooo last year. If you scrounge around you can probably get one for free, if you don’t mind someone’s advertising logo on it. I think every business that caters to the hunt crowd should just offer an orange hat for cost around labor day. Good advertising, and helping keeping people safe afield is good for their image (Menards, are you listening?).

boot insoles
Take good care of your feet and they will take care of you.

Boots for the bird of a thousand steps

I’ve been wearing arch support insoles in all my shoes for years. But this year it wasn’t enough, I got a bad case of plantar fasciitis that left me hobbled for a week or so. I got a night splint to wear in bed, some new insoles from Dick’s Sporting Goods, and an ice pack. Lots of stretches everyday and it seems under control. Just in time, too. Bird hunting is a sport of long miles of walking on unforgiving terrain. Get your boots oiled and ready.

The dog box

Prep your bug-out box

All my dog gear, and what rides in the vest fills this tote bin. Fill it now and leave it in the truck until season’s end. Few things are worse than arriving at your favorite cover lacking shells/knife/bell/compass or whatever else you need. And include snacks for man and dog. Lots and lots of snacks for the dog.

By Joel Schnell

Posted August 30, 2017.

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