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A bell on a bird dog. Another log in the cast iron woodstove at hunt camp. Fall leaves crunching underfoot. These are some of my favorite things.
Joel Schnell is a photographer and publisher of He is a photographer for Tiger Oak Media’s 12+ magazines in Minnesota. He also has over 10 years experience photographing the industry-leading Black and Decker Home DIY books on home improvement, dog training, lifestyles and green living; and dozens of other titles for Quarto Publishing Group USA. His commercial assignment clients include some of Minnesota’s largest corporations. He is director of photography on DSLR motion projects and has worked on several locally produced films. From his hunting campschn 40 miles from Duluth, he photographs, hunts, trains dogs, canoes, fishes, snowmobiles, and enjoys cabin life. With his trusty Jeep and brittany Maggie and springer Levi beside him, his hunting and fishing travels include Minnesota, the Dakotas, Ontario, and Wisconsin. Visit his work at He can be reached by email       info[at]
© Joel Schnell 2018. All Rights Reserved.


MPR news on Ruffed Grouse Minnesota Public Radio interviews RGS’s Rick Horton.
MPR news on Forestry Minnesota Public Radio story “Who’s woods these are“.
Grouse Hunting by MN DNR Facts about grouse hunting in Minnesota. What you’ll need, where to hunt, where to stay.
National Geographic Magazine – Nov. 2007 Conserving Hunters: For Love of the Land  RGS is mentioned several times in the November 2007 National Geographic article
Minnesota DNR Maps, licenses, hunting regulations and more.
Ruffed Grouse Society National Membership, Game bird biology, Habitat, Publications, Events, News and more.
Hunting Works For Minnesota Advocates for public policy to promote the strong economic partnership between the hunting and shooting communities and the local economy of Minnesota Features a blog about upland hunting


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Photography provided courtesy of Joel Schnell-Photographer, ©copyright 2018.


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