A Snowshoe Adventure in Ruffed Grouse Country

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image2-2By Ryan Schmidt
January 25, 2016
Published February 29, 2016

We had our annual snowshoe trip this weekend! Just got back today. We put on 8 miles on snowshoes, 6 miles on cross country skis, and 3 hours on the hockey skates! Hot sauna each day, great food and drink, perfect weather, and a great group of friends! We flooded a rink on the lake and played a fun game of pick up hockey. Watched some entertaining couple of football games yesterday pairs with homemade pizzas and honey BBQ chicken wings! 

I will be putting my ice house out this coming weekend and will be doing some crappie fishing as much as I can. Planning a snowmobile trip with my dad up to the Gooseberry cabin mid February too. Plenty of fun outdoor activities for the remains winter still to come!


Ryan Schmidt reports from Duluth, MN

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